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By the time you’re a junior or senior in high school, you’re well on your way to being burnt out on tests. From SATs, SAT IIs, ACTs, and oodles of course exams and ultra-fun pop quizzes, no one could blame you for hating the words “number 2 pencil.” And we’re not even going to talk about driver’s tests and all of those social tests your so-called friends force you through every day.

We get the test weariness, we really do. But if you’ve been admitted to college and are feeling like you deserve to slack off in your AP or IB courses, hold those horses–you just might be making things more difficult for yourself. Why?

College credit.

As your parents and counselors have probably told you a thousand times, good scores on your AP or IB courses can potentially get you out of a course or two in college. This can save you both time and money, and can even help you to graduate early. At the very least, it can help alleviate the stress of a heavy course load in your first semester, when you may want to concentrate on making the big transition into college life. Or, for those looking to major in intense courses of study like the pre-Med track, credit can help you stuff more courses in more quickly so that you can have the chance to study abroad and take advantage of other enriching experiences.


Just like all others, grades for the AP and IB courses that you take in your senior year still matter even in the spring semester. Sure, you might have an offer of admission, but that can be revoked if your college-to-be thinks you’re slacking off.
So…don’t! Do well in your higher courses, get great grades, and just so happen to rock your exams along the way.
But I’m a junior! I’m already worried about my AP exams–so much so that I think getting a 3 will ruin my chances at college admission.

Whoa there, tiger. We told you that these exams were important, but no one said that your very college admission depended on it. Just getting a good grade in class will look great to admissions officers, though a good AP or IB score couldn’t hurt. That said, scores below a 4 or 5 won’t get you out of any first year courses, so it still makes sense to try your hardest so you can alleviate some of that first semester load.

Got it? Great.

Now go on and look up your test date so that you don’t make one of those test anxiety dreams a reality.

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