Writer and student of any kind?

We’ll help you learn the fundamentals of academic and creative writing, and take your visions up to the next level.

The coaches and writers at Just Start Storytelling are two things at heart: coaches and writers. (Zing! Should have seen that one coming). We’re the grownups who were once kids in English classrooms raising our hands eagerly to offer our opinions. We’re also those kids that started tutoring in high school and never really stopped.

In fact, we love writing so much, we can’t help but share our love as loudly and widely as the internet will allow. But that’s not to say that we don’t think writing is hard, or that we don’t know firsthand how intimidating the prospect of a first or second or third or fiftieth draft of a story or essay can be. Having survived and learned from countless pages filled with red marks, MFA programs that tore us down before they built us back up, and years of low self-confidence, we empathize with our students entirely. We also know our craft inside and out, and how to spot what students are doing well even as they’re struggling.

That’s why we’re able to coach students with the following mentality:

Teach through the lens of what students are doing well

Because in every student paper, something is working. We start there, focus on a student’s strengths, build trust, and then gently work on the rest, showing our students that we believe in them all the while. Whether you’re a high school student looking for last minute help writing a tight thesis for an academic paper, or a working professional who’d like to unlock that creative brain, we’ve got a coach and a service that’s right for you.

Select your storytelling package from the options below.

Academic Writing Coaching


To stand out both at work and in school, you’ve got to be able write essays that are clearly and logically argued. While some people come naturally to the task, most of us have a lot to learn. The coaches at Just Start Storytelling can provide regular, weekly coaching for you to help you with assignments as they come up. Or we can focus on a specific issue, like thesis writing, and work with you until you’ve got it mastered.

Don’t feel like enlisting a coach? We’ve got an arsenal of worksheets and lesson plans that are just right for you. Check them out in our store.


Creative Writing Coaching

The big bad world is not exactly the best place for creativity. In school you’re meant to do well on tests and say what the teacher wants you to say. At work you must present evidence of your productivity. But we here at Just Start Storytelling know how creative you are. We know, too, how much can be learned from creative writing and applied to the more analytical world. Whether you’re working on fiction or memoir, whether you need help brainstorming, thinking of creative ideas for your next chapter or revising, our experienced consultants can help you. We believe in the process and we believe in you.


Last Minute Feedback

Sometimes, you just need another set of eyes before turning that big project in. We’ll give your work a solid read, provide in-depth comments, and give you a game plan for moving forward. Bonus: The more time you give us, the more time you’ll have to act on all of our suggestions.

Outside the 24 hr window


Within 24 hrs