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What Makes a Good Paper?

Whether you’re a teacher or a student, these comprehensive essay grading rubrics take all of the implicits involved in good writing and make them explicit. Covering such musts as Ideas and Content, Organization, Style and the Conventions, these rubrics dig down to the nitty gritty details of what good editors and graders look for in student work. We’ve used these rubrics countless times with students of all levels as excellent teaching aids. Go ahead — click on the icon below and learn how to make good writing great.

Appropriate for Ages 9 – 15.

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Ridding Your Writing of Redundancy and Repetition

Sometimes it happens because you can’t find the perfect word, image or idea so you decide to keep trying slightly related words that essentially mean the same thing. Other times it’s because you’re so in love with what you’re writing, you’ve just got to repeat it ad nauseum. (“Hey guys, look at this brilliant thing I just wrote! Isn’t it brilliant? Yep, it’s brilliant!”). Whatever the reason, redundancy and repetition can really take the punch out of your papers and stories. But no worries. With this worksheet, you’ll say what you mean, mean what you say, and say it once.

Appropriate for Ages 7 – 135. Yep, this one is right for almost all ages.

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Word Choice Worksheet

In this Word Choice Worksheet, learn how sentences can be just like building blocks, taken apart and reconstructed in new and creative ways. As you go through each analysis technique, see how the types and styles of words authors choose help determine every element of story, from characterization to setting and even plot.

Appropriate for Ages 7 – 135. (Yep, students of all ages can benefit from playing with their words like no one’s watching).

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How to Write a Thesis Statement

In this comprehensive packet you’ll learn everything there is to know about writing a thesis statement (or claim) that is compelling and clear. Exercises are included after every section, and there are multiple opportunities to gain experience writing a thesis statement in many different ways. By the completion of this packet, you’ll be better able to construct not just a thesis statement but also your papers as a whole, as you will gain a better sense of an essay’s structure and logical flow.

Appropriate for Ages 10 – 135. Note: If you’re 135, please get in touch. We want to know your secret!

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