High School, College or Graduate Applicant

For years, you’ve been preparing for this moment.

If you’re a college applicant, you’ve spent countless hours bent over a desk cramming as much SAT knowledge into your cranium as possible, and we’re not even going to talk about what all of those long days picking up trash for community service have done to your back.

If you’re a graduate school applicant, you’ve stayed to talk to professors even when you’d rather have gone home and taken a nap, just so you could establish a rapport. You may also have lived half of your college life in the deep, dark library stacks, or maybe you’re a returning student and the thought of clicking “submit” and heading back into the razorsharp world of academia is giving you heart palpitations.

But in all of these preparations, there’s one thing you probably haven’t considered: Your Story

That’s right, the unique, smart, stand out story of how you got to be who you are. And, more specifically, how you’re going to tell it in such a way that your desired programs will thrust open those ivy covered doors, unfurl a red carpet and welcome you with a blast of trumpets. (You are, apparently, applying to become a Medievalist).

If you’re like most students, telling the story of you just feels, well, weird. Even if you consider yourself to be a great writer, those words clam up when it comes to talking about yourself. Or, maybe they come flooding out, but they refuse to order themselves into neat little paragraphs with tight little threads. What to do?

Why, enlist a team of storytellers, of course!

What in the world does that mean? It means we’ll sit down with you, have a casual chat over tea*** (***tea bags not included) about who you are and what your immediate and future goals are, brainstorm a bunch of ideas, really hone in on the storyline that’s right for you, construct an outline together, and then send you off all hepped up and ready to write. Then we’ll give you feedback on everything you do, whether that’s just a common app essay, a statement of purpose or a zillion and one short answers, and we’ll get you all polished up and ready to go.

In short, we’ll be your storytelling and creativity coaches, so you can sniff out and bring to the surface the best story you’ve got. Just so we’re clear, here’s what that absolutely, 100%, definitely most certainly does not mean: We’ll write your story for you. Yeah, no. That’s not happening. Why? For one it’s not ethical, for two it does you no good if a professionally written essay gets you into a writing-heavy program and then you can’t keep up, for three no essay we write on our own will fully capture who you are, and for four it’s not ethical, okay?

Now that we’ve got that out of the way

browse the following 4 packages and choose the right one for you!

Personal Statement Help

Hey, sometimes all we need is an expert to say, “You got it, kid!” Our seasoned writers will help you brainstorm and outline an awesome college admissions personal statement or graduate school statement of purpose. We’ll also help you dot those i’s and cross those t’s (read: edit/polish your
admissions essay until it’s perfect).


Perfect Personal Statement


Admission: there’s no such thing as a perfect personal statement, but there is such a thing as the personal perfect statement for you. With this package, we’ll help you stew up and wrangle the best ideas we can find – the kind that are really you. We’ll also help you outline an out-of-this-world essay so you can frame your story in the most authentic and compelling light. If you’re writing a graduate school statement of purpose, we’ll make sure to do an optimal job of blending your personal and academic journeys. Finally, we’ll help you revise, revise, revise until your college or graduate application personal statement is perfect. Because we’re word nerds like that.


The Best Personal Statement

Did you know the college application has other written sections beyond the personal statement? And that graduate applications also require an articulation of your research and/or teaching goals? Yeah, torture, we know. But no matter how much this makes you groan, these extra sections are really your opportunity to highlight the many parts of your personality and experiences you may not have gotten around to in your personal statement. So, what does this package include? Everything you’ll find in the Perfect Personal Statement package, complete brainstorming and editing help for the short answers or research/teaching statements, and revising help throughout.


Tell me my story! Tell me my story!

This package is so stuffed with goodies, we’ve just gotta shout ‘em out: brainstorming, outlining, revision and editing for your personal statement, short answer questions, teaching statements and every supplemental essay question (yep, even colleges on the Common Application have 2 to 3 of these) you’ll encounter. A great package for reluctant writers, or those who are just determined to get it right.