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As a small business owner, you know that getting found online is one of the most important things you can do to increase your revenue and grow a strong customer base. You also probably know that your home page is the first and (hopefully not) last impression your customers will have of you. But creating a compelling site is no longer about cramming as many pages of keyword stuffed baloney onto your blog or website. Google rewards great content and check this out: customers do, too.

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Gasp! Who knew, right?

Just what is great content? Well, for starters, it’s got correct spelling. But, on a broader level, you’ll know you’ve got great content when customers share that blogpost, video, podcast, or webpage like there’s no tomorrow. You’ll also know when the content you share on social media creates a passionate, engaged and vocal community that keeps customers returning to your site, contributing to your posts, and (hopefully) buying your products.

But here’s the central dilemma: Great content requires frizzy haired creatives and analytics to brainstorm out-of-this-world ideas to set you apart from your competitors, not to mention a team of writers to put those ideas into motion. That’s something that many small business owners try to do themselves, but with so many competitors with the same idea in mind, it’s difficult to keep up with the content beast’s never ending, all-consuming appetite.

Select your storytelling package from the options below.

Website Maaaakeover!


Businesses aren’t made in a day, but an entrepreneur’s website’s content can be. In this full-on, intensive day, we’ll start with a one-on-one download session where we get to learn all about who you are, why you’ve started a business, and what makes you tick. Then we’ll take a look at every page on your website, have an old fashioned brainstorming session to determine where you want to go next, and set a plan in motion. That’s when our team of writers will write all of your web pages right then and there, and then edit them together with you. By the end of the day: VOILA! You’ll have a new website, all fresh and bubbly and ready to go.


Content Starter Plan

Run out of things to say in your newsletters or blog? Well, we here at Just Start Storytelling are downright chatterboxes, and we’ll find you something to say. With this package we’ll put together a varied and interesting content strategy, focusing specifically on blogging and newsletters (though we can certainly talk about video scripts and infographics, too). Then we’ll create you an editorial calendar, make sure you’ve got a regular and clear production technique in place, and even write you a blogpost a month for the next 3 months. That’s a lot of juicy content!

Ask us about our a la carte pricing if you’d only like a part of this plan.


Content Production and Coaching

Okay, so you’ve got your content strategy straight, but how about actually writing all of that irresistibly shareable goodness? We have years of experience teaching students both in the classroom or individually. That means we already believe in your writing before we’ve even seen it, and we know that we can coach you into becoming a highly effective web writer for your business. BUT if you’d like to get a writer on your side to keep your posts flowing, we’re here to dive into new topics, learning everything we can and then packaging your ideas in such a way that we can lure users away from YouTube and on to your site.

Pretty nifty, huh? Coaching or team of writers, take your pick!