You Know You. Your Family Knows You. So Why is Telling the Story of You So Hard?

When you’re applying to college or graduate school, rebranding your website, beginning a novel, or launching a new blog, you need Just Start Storytellers to get the story of you just right.

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Awesome Team

  • Leah Levy

    Founder & Head Writing Consultant

    Hi, I’m Leah. I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember. I write for businesses of all sizes, and help individuals find their creative voices.

    Here are a few stats, for those who like that sort of thing.

    I have

    1. A dual BA in Brain & Cognitive Sciences and Creative Writing from the University of Rochester
    2. A Masters of Fine Arts in Fiction Writing from the University of Washington
    3. Run my own successful businesses tutoring and coaching students of all ages for a number of years.
    4. A number of fiction publications under my belt and hundreds of marketing and small business blogs published. (Yes, literally, hundreds, I don’t understand how it go that high either).

    What I do

    1. Write blogs, in-depth articles, ads and web copy for solopreneurs, small businesses and major corporations such as Microsoft, Macy's, and SimpliSafe. (I’ll even write them for your wedding website, if you so desire, with plenty of flare).
    2. Help applicants apply to private high schools, university, and graduate school find their voice and tell their story so that they can get into their top programs.
    3. Help students of all ages (yep, from elementary school on up to octogenarian grad students) write the best essays and creative stories, novels and play that they can. Want more?

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    Want more?

    All of my life I’ve had to deal with two people living inside my body. No, not in a freaky, alien kind of way. In a left brain vs. right brain sort of way.

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Who Loves Us

Leah is an incredible resource! She is responsive, helpful and articulate in her advice. I reached out to her for help with editing a business paper I’d written; she worked quickly and offered valuable suggestions for improvement. Given her strong skill set, experience with copy editing, literature and command of the English language – I will continue look to her again and again for help.

Anonymous, Business Student in Need of Paper Help,

Over the last few years Leah has worked with Distilled she has become an invaluable asset to our writing and editing process. I've had the pleasure of working with Leah over the last year and can honestly say she's made my job (and the content creation process overall) much easier. Leah has constantly impressed me with her commitment to making Distilled a better company to work and write for, which has been hugely helpful as we've grown. Leah is very aware of what other writers want and need out of the editing and content creation process, which has allowed Distilled to have more effective relationships with its writers. Beyond that, Leah has proven time and again that she has a fierce eye for editing and high quality content. But perhaps the skills I appreciate most in Leah are her flexibility, responsiveness, and organizational skills. If ever there is a project that needs help, Leah is quick to communicate what she needs to get the job done and always produces outstanding work. Leah has incredible talent and skill as as writer, editor, and project manager, and is a huge asset to our team.

Kyra Kuik, Content Coordinator, Distilled

I have never seen [my child] so excited about writing! I think [she] did a fabulous job helping [my child] to prioritize tasks and to learn to be clear and concise in her writing.

Elementary School Student,

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